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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued

Protarga Inc., v. Nigel L. Webb and Five Palms Corporation, Ltd.

04-53374 Judge Peter Walsh 09/01/2005

Scott Peltz, Trustee for the USN Communications Liquidating v. New Age Consulting Services, Inc.

00-1917 Judge Peter Walsh 04/09/2002

TMP Worldwide, Inc. v. Inacom Corp.

00-1115 Judge Peter Walsh 08/07/2001

Wavetronix LLC, an Idaho limited liability company v. Conrad Myers, as Trustee for the DBSI Liquidating Trust; and DBSI Liquidating Trust, a Delaware Trust

10-55592 Judge Peter Walsh 01/13/2012


07-11038 Judge Peter Walsh 12/23/2008

Trans World Airlines Inc., et al.

01-0056 Judge Peter Walsh 04/02/2001

EXDS Inc. v. RK Electric, Inc

03-50426 Judge Peter Walsh 10/31/2003

MEMORANDUM ORDER - NNN 400 Capital Center, LLC, et al., v. WellsFargo Bank, N.A., et al.

18-50384 Judge John T. Dorsey 08/09/2019

NNN 400 Capital Center, LLC, et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as Trustee, et al - 18-50384 (In re NNN 400 Capital Center 16, LLC, et al. - 16-12728)

18-50384 Judge John T. Dorsey 10/09/2019

LNV Corporation v. Ad Hoc Group of Second Lien Creditors; Solus Senior High Income Fund LP and Solus Alternative Asset Management LP (In re La Paloma Generating Company, LLC, et al. - 16-12700)

19-50110 Judge John T. Dorsey 01/13/2020

Pegasus Trucking, LLC, a Delaware Limited liability Company v. George Miller, Gordon Brothers Retail Partners, et al. (In re J&M Sales, Inc., et al.

19-50267 Judge John T. Dorsey 03/13/2020

Curtis R. Smith, Liquidating Trustee v. Joel Weinshanker, Alan Van Ongevalle, Cathy Hershcopf, Frank Marrs and Jeffrey Shrader (In re Draw Another Circle, LLC - 16-11452)

17-51041 Judge John T. Dorsey 09/30/2019

True Health Diagnostics LLC v. Alex M. Azar, III, Secretary US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Seema Verma, Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (19-50280)

19-50280 Judge John T. Dorsey 08/29/2019

Charles A. Stanziale, Jr., Chapter 7 Trustee of ScripsAmerica, INC. v. KMJ Corbin & Company - 18-50717 (In re ScripsAmerica, Inc, et al.

18-50717 Judge John T. Dorsey 10/09/2019

Nanomech, Inc. v. Daniel Carroll - 19-50351 (In re Nanomech, Inc. 19-10851)

19-50361 Judge John T. Dorsey 10/09/2019

LSC Wind Down, LLC, et al., (Case No. 17-10124) - UMB Bank N.A., as Plan Trustee of The Limited Creditors' Liquidating Trust, Plaintiff v. Sun Capital Partners V, LP; Sun Mod Fashions IV, LLC; Sun Mod Fashions V, LLC and H.I.G. Sun Partners, LLC, Defendants (Adv. Pro. No. 19-50272) - OPINION

17-10124 Judge Karen B. Owens 01/23/2020

DSI Renal Holdings, LLC, et al., (Case No. 11-11722) - Alfred T. Giuliano, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff v. Michael Schnabel, et al., Defendants (Adv, Pro. No. 14-50356) - OPINION

11-11722 Judge Karen B. Owens 02/04/2020

EMERGE ENERGY SERVICES LP, et al., Case No. 19-11563 (KBO) - OPINION

19-11563 Judge Karen B. Owens 12/05/2019

DSI Renal Holdings, LLC, et al., Debtors. (Case No. 11-11722) - Alfred T. Giuliano, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Michael Schnabel, et al., Defendants (Adv. Pro. No. 14-50356) - OPINION

11-11722, 14-50356 Judge Karen B. Owens 03/30/2020