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Case Name Case Number Judgesort descending Date Issued


00-4667 12/10/2007

Official Commitee of Unsecured Creditors of HH Liquidation, LLC, et al., v. Comvest Group Holdings, LLC, et al. (Main Case In re HH Liquidation, LLC, et al. - 15-11874)

16-51204 10/04/2017

SN Liquidation, Inc., et al

08-50288 06/02/2008

In re Blackhawk Corporation

13-10282 05/26/2016

In re LTAP US, LLLP (Memorandum Order)

10-14125 02/18/2011

In re Nortel Networks, Inc., et al.

09-10138 07/06/2015

Riverbend Community, LLC

11-11771 11/09/2011

Jeoffrey L. Burtch, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Connecticut Community Bank, N.A., et al. (In re J. Silver Clothing, Inc. - 05-10522)

07-50814 04/29/2011

In re Nortel Corporation, et al

09-10138 02/26/2010

Richard Barry, Chapter 11 Trustee for the Estates of Liberty State Benefits of Delaware Inc., et al v. Sandander Bank, N.A., f/k/a Sovereign Bank, N.A.

14-50020 09/16/2015

In re Lazy Days' RV Center, Inc., et al.

09-13911 06/16/2011

In re VER TECHNOLOGIES HOLDCO LLC, et al. -- Memorandum Order re claims of Sergeo Gomez

18-10834 09/13/2019

DESA Holdings Corporation, et al.

02-11672 10/25/2006

James Jackson, et al., v. Fenway Partners LLC and DOES 1-20

(In re Coach AM Group Holdings Corp., et al. - 12-10010)

13-51197 10/23/2013

In re Welded Construction, L.P., et al, 18-12378 (main case) -- Welded Construction, L.P., v. The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Partners Operating LLC, and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC -- Adversary No. 19-50194 -- Opinion and Order relating to the Motion to Abstain, Transfer Venue, or Dismiss Certain Counts of the Complaint filed by Defendants The Williams Companies, Inc., Williams Partners Operating LLC, and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

19-50194 10/16/2019

Plassein Int'l Corp. et. al

03-11489 10/17/2007


10-11867 09/03/2010

In re ABC Learning Centres Limited (Memorandum Order - re Motion to Reconsider Opinion dated November 16, 2010)

10-11711 01/21/2011

In re Pitt Penn Holding Co., Inc., et al.

09-11475(BLS) 04/29/2015


09-14136 09/13/2011

In re Cherokee Simeon Venture I, LLC

12-12913 05/31/2013

Alan Halperin, Trustee of the GFES Liquidation Trust v. Michael B. Moreno, et al., (In re Greenfield Energy Services, Inc., et al)

15-50262 06/23/2017

In re Our Alchemy, LLC, at al (16-11596); George L. Miller, in his capacity as chapter 7 trustee for the jointly administered bankruptcy estates of Our Alchemy, LLC and Anderson Digital, LLC, Plaintiff v. Anconnect, LLC; Anderson M. Merchandisers, LLC; Anderson Merchandisers Canada, Inc.; OA Investment Partners LLC; OA Investment Holdings LLC; Virgo Investment Group, LLC; Virgo Societas Partners, LLC; Virgo Societas Partnership III (Onshore), L.P.; Virgo Societas Partnership III (Offshore), L.P.; Virgo Service Company LLC; ARC Entertainment, LLC; Ardon Moore; Mark Perez; Jesse Watson; Todd Dorfman; Bill Lee; Stephen Lyons; and Freyr Thor -- Memorandum Opinion relating to Defendant Steve Lyons's Motion to Dismiss

18-50633 09/16/2019

NNN 400 capitol Center, LLC, et al., v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al (In re NNN 400 Capitol Center 16, LLC, et al. - Case No. 16-12728)

18-50384 10/04/2018

PAH Litigation Trust v. Water Street Healthcare Partners, L.P., et al (In re Physiotherapy Holdings, Inc., et al., - 13-12965)

15-51238 11/06/2017