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Case Name Case Number Judge Date Issuedsort ascending

Wilmington Trust Company v. George Calhoun

00-689 Judge Peter Walsh 07/30/2002

Hechinger Investment Company of DE, Inc. v. Allfirst Bank

00-138 Judge Peter Walsh 07/29/2002

Rebecca Son v. Coal Equity Inc., et al.

00-1655 Judge Peter Walsh 07/29/2002

VFB LLC v. The Money's Trust

02-2977 Judge Mary F. Walrath 07/25/2002

APS, Inc. v. Tomco Auto Products, Inc.

99-211 Judge Peter Walsh 07/03/2002

Worldwide Direct, Inc.

99-108 Judge Mary F. Walrath 07/02/2002

Penn Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

01-2554 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/28/2002

Scott Peltz v. Worldnet Corp.

00-1948 Judge Peter Walsh 06/27/2002

E.Spire Communications, Inc., et al. v. CIT Communication Finance Corp.

02-2170 06/20/2002

Muma Services, Inc.

01-926 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/14/2002

RehabWorks, Inc. v. Rebecca A. Lee, et al.

01-9902 Judge Mary F. Walrath 06/06/2002

ANC Rental Corporation, Inc., et al.

01-11200 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/23/2002

Kaiser Group International, Inc., et al.

00-2263 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/21/2002

Edison Brothers Stores, Inc., et al.

99-529 05/15/2002

United Companies Financial Corporation, Inc., et al.

99-451 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/14/2002

Charter Behavioral Heath Systems, LLP, et al. v. Managed Health Network, Inc.

01-4704 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/03/2002

Ampace Corporation and Ampace Freightlines, Inc.

98-2772 Judge Peter Walsh 05/03/2002

ANC Rental Corporation, Inc., et al.

01-11200 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/03/2002

Silver Court Nursing Center, Inc. v. Sunbridge Care and Rehabilitation Center for Southern New Jersey, et al.

01-6001 Judge Mary F. Walrath 05/02/2002

Valley Media, Inc.

01-11353 Judge Peter Walsh 04/25/2002

PSA, Inc., et al.

00-3570 04/19/2002

Lynn Fremuth v. Beth Ellen Peterson

01-7489 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/18/2002

United Companies Financial Corporation, et al.

99-451 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/17/2002

Scott Peltz v. Dehlgren's Mailing Service, Inc.

00-1886 Judge Peter Walsh 04/14/2002

RoTech Medical Corporation, et al. v. Blount Memorial Hospital, et al.

00-1145 Judge Mary F. Walrath 04/12/2002